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Commercial Investment Real Estate Listing Service

Our mission, in its most simple form, is to gather as much information as possible to relate to your situation in order to help you identify all possible, probable, and necessary implications, so that you minimize all of the negative consequences and maximize the positive ones.

We believe your success to be largely a function of the quality of this process, and how we can
help you think within it. It is an organized way of achieving continual improvement to
attain a fuller and more complete success over time.

We invite you to give us a call and we will schedule a time to sit down with you and begin the process of gathering the information we need to provide you with a clear picture of where you stand in this market and what will likely be coming in your future.

Our promise to you is that you will, at all times, have the clarity
you need to make the right choice at the right time.

The Industry's Most Powerful Property Marketing System

Real-Time Marketing

Each property we represent is matched against our active buyer database through our sophisticated, proprietary marketing system, MNet

Largest Buyer Pool

The sheer size, market reach and relationships of our dominant sales force generates marketing momentum for each property we represent.

Direct Marketing

Qualified buyers are targeted for direct marketing and follow-up campaigns launched locally, regionally and nationally.

Maximizing Value


We are the largest national advertiser of properties through prominent media outlets such as The Wall Street Journal and industry publications.

Brokerage Community

Listing websites, professional brochures, e-presentations and e-mail campaigns are used to access buyers and brokers.

Internal Network

Sales meetings and national marketing calls within our offices are combined with industry trade shows and conferences to reach investors.

Property marketing campaigns are tailored to meet clients' needs, ranging from a tiered and targeted approach to broad exposure locally, regionally and nationally.

Our Services

Investment Market Knowledge

Whether you are actively pursuing the sale of your real estate asset(s) or interested in maximizing returns during ownership, Marcus & Millichap’s unique investment expertise can help create value. Our extensive local market knowledge and property-type specialization enable us to advise owners on leading-edge pricing, property positioning and creating long-term investment strategies that support wealth generation and preservation.

Investment Specialization

All of our resources and support systems are tailored to understanding investment trends and serving investors’ needs. Our track record has resulted in the accumulation of extensive market knowledge, expertise in property valuation and positioning, creating marketing momentum through exposure and proactive transaction management. Since 1993, the firm has formed several National Specialty Groups to serve the needs of investors, including: National Hospitality Group, National Land Group, National Manufactured Home Communities Group, National Multi Housing Group, National Office and Industrial Properties Group, National Retail Group, National Self-Storage Group, National Seniors Housing Group, Net Leased Properties Group.

Management Team of Investment Experts

Our national sales force is managed by a team of market experts who were investment sales professionals at some point in their careers. Marcus & Millichap has a long-standing philosophy of supporting its sales professionals with non-competing managers whose purpose is to provide clients with the premier investment brokerage services. This is delivered through ongoing training and coaching of the sales force, supporting clients’ and agents’ needs, and overseeing the transaction process to assure the best possible results for every client.

Market Research

Marcus & Millichap Research Services Division produces national and local market research, specialized by property type. Our custom analyses integrate local market trends, and regional and national developments to support property evaluation, pricing and positioning. Clients who are pursuing a transaction will benefit from the combination of our investment research capabilities and the market knowledge of our agents. During the hold period of an investment, owners can utilize numerous research publications and analysis capabilities to help maximize property performance. For additional information on our research capabilities, see our research services division.

Access To The Largest Pool of Investors

Through our years of investment brokerage specialization, we have accumulated numerous investment-related databases and forged personal relationships with investors. The daily contact between our investment professionals and thousands of owner/investors results in immediate access to current investment requirements, which in turn are matched to the most appropriate properties listed in our exclusive inventory. Buyer surveys are conducted to update and compile overall investment requirements on a recurring basis. In addition to leveraging the personal relationships with qualified investors, Marcus & Millichap creates exposure through a series of customized marketing solutions

Proprietary Listing System (MNet)

Marcus & Millichap was founded on a culture of information sharing throughout its sale force, to create the broadest possible exposure to qualified buyers. In support of this founding principle, the company has always been an early adaptor and innovator of technology that enables the marketing process. Since the early 1980s, Marcus & Millichap has maintained a central property and listing database to leverage the investor relationships of every agent in the organization. The latest version of our internal marketing system (MNet) is an integrated web-based tool, which enables the instantaneous communication of listing information across the country. Once a listing is entered into the MNet system, agents are able to present and market the property to investors.

Direct Marketing

Upon listing a property, various databases are utilized to match the property with the most likely potential buyers locally, regionally or nationally. Direct offering memorandums and promotional materials are utilized to present the investment opportunity. Our investment professionals also match each listing with their personal databases and immediately contact qualified buyers whose requirements match the particular property. After specific investors are identified, a direct marketing campaign is initiated, followed by personal follow-up to all potential buyers.

Internal Communication

Marcus & Millichap promotes properties to the largest pool of qualified investors by leveraging the entire national sales force. Every Marcus & Millichap office conducts weekly sales meetings where investment properties are presented and discussed with the entire team. In addition, regional sales meetings and national intranet-based property presentations and conference calls are conducted regularly.


Marcus & Millichap actively advertises in national, regional and local publications to create the most effective exposure for exclusively listed properties. We are the largest national real estate brokerage advertiser in The Wall Street Journal, the nation’s premier business publication. Our advertising campaigns are used in conjunction with direct marketing and internal communications to maximize exposure.