Multi Tenant Properties

Cottonwood Mall Sears Anchor and Out-Parcel Pad

Albuquerque, NM
Price: $4,900,000
Built: 1994/1996

Las Palmas Plaza

Brownsville, TX
Price: $3,697,000
Sq. Ft.: 10,563
Cap Rate: 7.5%
Built: 2017

Central Square

Bedford, TX
Price: $8,638,000
Sq. Ft.: 46,440
Cap Rate: 7.34%
Built: 1984

Fearless Plaza

Lubbock, TX
Price: $7,289,000
Sq. Ft.: 20,657
Cap Rate: 6.27%
Built: 2012

Ridge Road Towne Center

Rockwall, TX
Price: $17,803,700
Sq. Ft.: 54,251
Cap Rate: 6.97%
Built: 2005

Salisbury Shopping Center

Salisbury, NC
Price: $6,391,875
Sq. Ft.: 29,722
Cap Rate: 8.0%
Built: 2007

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